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Pediatric Dentistry

You may wonder how soon is too soon to bring your child in for dental care.

pediatricAt our Colorado Springs dental practice, we believe that as soon as the teeth erupt, you should take action to ensure the teeth and gums are cleaned and cared for. As soon as your children are able, they should take it upon themselves to clean and maintain their teeth and gums.

Sound oral hygiene habits begin at childhood, and the earlier these habits are practiced, the greater chance your son or daughter has of enjoying sound oral health for a lifetime.

Your children can’t do it alone, however. To ensure that their teeth are properly maintained, developing naturally, and free of complications, we urge you to bring your children in for routine examinations and cleanings.

We see children of all ages; if you have questions about when you should bring your son or daughter in, please feel free to contact our dental office.